Tennis Club Senningerberg

Rules and regulations

Some rules to play serenely!

  • COVID pandemic: please read the new obligations during the pandemic: COVID-19 IMPORTANT
  • Entrance to the tennis courts is reserved for players with tennis shoes. If after having played on the outside courts, you are led to play in the Hall, we kindly ask you to clean your shoes very meticulously so as not to dirty the carpets of the Hall.
  • After each reservation, the court must be leveled with the net on the field. After use, the net and line brush must be returned to their respective places.
  • When the weather is dry, outdoor courts should be watered before and after each reservation (water before equalizing, so as not to raise a cloud of dust).
  • For security reasons, parents are not allowed to bring young children into the courts, even if their supervision seems easier.
  • Thanks to obey those simple rules. Violations of these rules and regulations will be subject to deliberation by the committee.